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Mishimoto Honda Hoonigan Oil Filler Cap - Red

Engine Components, Oil Caps
Many in stock
Oil Caps
$78.33 $60.95
1997 Acura CL 2.2 Liter A6VA, 1997 Acura CL 2.2 Liter M7ZA, 1997 Acura CL 2.2...

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Mishimoto Honda Hoonigan Oil Filler Cap - Red
1997 Acura CL 2.2 Liter A6VA, 1997 Acura CL 2.2 Liter M7ZA, 1997 Acura CL 2.2 Liter S2A4, 1998-1999 Acura CL 2.3 Liter B6VA, 1998-1999 Acura CL 2.3 Liter M7ZA, 1998-1999 Acura CL 2.3 Liter S2A8, 1997 Acura CL 3.0 Liter A6VA, 1998-1999 Acura CL 3.0 Liter B6VA, 1997-1999 Acura CL 3.0 Liter M7ZA, 1997 Acura CL 3.0 Liter S2A4, 1998-1999 Acura CL 3.0 Liter S2A8, 1986-1987 Acura Integra 1.6 Liter CA, 1986-1989 Acura Integra 1.6 Liter CG, 1988-1989 Acura Integra 1.6 Liter P1, 1992-1993 Acura Integra 1.7 Liter YS1, 1991 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter A1, 1994 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter MP7A, 1991-1993 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter MPRA, 1990 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter R0, 1990 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter S1, 1996-1999 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter S4XA, 1996-2001 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter S80, 1996-2001 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter S80, 2000-2001 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter SKWA, 1995 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter SP7A, 1994-1995 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter Y80, 1994-1995 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter Y80, 1992-1993 Acura Integra 1.8 Liter YS1, 1987 Acura Legend 2.5 Liter C3F4, 1986-1987 Acura Legend 2.5 Liter C3P4, 1986-1987 Acura Legend 2.5 Liter G4, 1987 Acura Legend 2.5 Liter L5, 1987 Acura Legend 2.7 Liter C3F4, 1987 Acura Legend 2.7 Liter C3P4, 1988-1990 Acura Legend 2.7 Liter G3T4, 1987 Acura Legend 2.7 Liter G4, 1987-1989 Acura Legend 2.7 Liter L5, 1990 Acura Legend 2.7 Liter PL5X, 1991-1995 Acura Legend 3.2 Liter K4A6, 1993-1995 Acura Legend 3.2 Liter K4F6, 1991-1995 Acura Legend 3.2 Liter MPYA, 2001 Acura MDX 3.5 Liter MGHA, 1991-1994 Acura NSX 3.0 Liter J4A4, 1991-2005 Acura NSX 3.0 Liter MR9A, 1995-2005 Acura NSX 3.0 Liter SR8M, 1997-2005 Acura NSX 3.2 Liter MR9A, 1997-2005 Acura NSX 3.2 Liter SR8M, 1996-1999 Acura RL 3.5 Liter M5DA, 1995-1998 Acura TL 2.5 Liter M1WA, 1996-1998 Acura TL 2.5 Liter M5HA, 1999 Acura TL 3.2 Liter B7VA, 1996-1998 Acura TL 3.2 Liter M1WA, 1996-1998 Acura TL 3.2 Liter M5HA, 1992-1994 Acura Vigor 2.5 Liter L3A3 ...See Application Guide for Additional Fitments
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This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
1997-1998 Acura CL Base
1997-1999 Acura CL Premium
1990-1993,1997-2001 Acura Integra GS
1992-2001 Acura Integra GS-R
1986-2001 Acura Integra LS
1987-1988 Acura Integra LS Special Edition
1986-1998 Acura Integra RS
1995-1996 Acura Integra Special Edition
1997-1998,2000-2001 Acura Integra Type R
1986-1993 Acura Legend Base
1994-1995 Acura Legend GS
1987-1995 Acura Legend L
1987-1995 Acura Legend LS
1995 Acura Legend SE
2001 Acura MDX Base
2001 Acura MDX Touring
1999 Acura NSX Alex Zanardi Edition
1991-2001,2004-2005 Acura NSX Base
1995-2003 Acura NSX T
1996-1998 Acura RL Base
1996-1999 Acura RL Premium
1998 Acura RL SE
1995-1999 Acura TL Base
1995-1998 Acura TL Premium
1992-1994 Acura Vigor GS
1992-1994 Acura Vigor LS
1998-2000 Chevrolet Metro Base
1998-2001 Chevrolet Metro LSi
1998-2004 Chevrolet Tracker Base
1998-2000 Chevrolet Tracker LSi
2001-2004 Chevrolet Tracker LT
2001-2004 Chevrolet Tracker ZR2
1989-1994 Geo Metro Base
1989-1994 Geo Metro LSi
1989-1994 Geo Metro XFi
1997 Geo Tracker Base
1997 Geo Tracker LSi
1993 Honda Accord 10th Anniversary
1996 Honda Accord 25th Anniversary Edition
1984-1985 Honda Accord Base
1986-2003 Honda Accord DX
1990-2003 Honda Accord EX
1984-2003 Honda Accord LX
1986-1989 Honda Accord LXi
1985 Honda Accord S
1991,1993,1997,2000,2002 Honda Accord SE
1985,1989 Honda Accord SEi
1996-1997,2001-2002 Honda Accord Value Package
1986-1991 Honda Civic Base
1986-1987 Honda Civic CRX
1986-1987 Honda Civic CRX HF
1986-1987 Honda Civic CRX Si
1992-2000 Honda Civic CX
1986-2002 Honda Civic DX
1990-2002 Honda Civic EX
1998-2002 Honda Civic GX
1996-2002 Honda Civic HX
1988-2002 Honda Civic LX
1988-1991 Honda Civic RT 4WD
1986-1987,1989-1995,1999-2000,2002 Honda Civic Si
1999 Honda Civic Value Package
1992-1995 Honda Civic VX
1988-1989 Honda Civic Wagovan
1993-1997 Honda Civic del Sol S
1993-1997 Honda Civic del Sol Si
1994-1997 Honda Civic del Sol VTEC
1998-2001 Honda CR-V EX
1997-2001 Honda CR-V LX
2000-2001 Honda CR-V SE
1989-1991 Honda CRX Base
1988 Honda CRX DX
1988-1991 Honda CRX HF
1988-1991 Honda CRX Si
1999-2000 Honda Odyssey Cargo
1995-2000 Honda Odyssey EX
1995-2000 Honda Odyssey LX
1988-1990 Honda Prelude 2.0 S
1985-1991 Honda Prelude 2.0 Si
1988-1989 Honda Prelude 2.0 Si 4WS
1983-1987,1997-2001 Honda Prelude Base
1992-1996 Honda Prelude S
1995 Honda Prelude SE
1990-1996 Honda Prelude Si
1990-1994 Honda Prelude Si 4WS
1990-1991 Honda Prelude Si ALB
1997-2001 Honda Prelude Type SH
1993-1996 Honda Prelude VTEC
2000-2009 Honda S2000 Base
2008-2009 Honda S2000 CR
2003-2004 Hyundai Accent Base
2000-2004 Hyundai Accent GL
2005 Hyundai Accent GLS
2000-2002 Hyundai Accent GS
2004-2005 Hyundai Accent GT
2000-2002 Hyundai Accent L
2001-2003 Hyundai Elantra GLS
2001-2003 Hyundai Elantra GT
2003-2004 Hyundai Tiburon Base
2005-2008 Hyundai Tiburon GS
2003-2008 Hyundai Tiburon GT
2007-2008 Hyundai Tiburon GT Limited
2005-2008 Hyundai Tiburon SE
2005-2006 Hyundai Tucson GL
2005-2007 Hyundai Tucson GLS
2006-2007 Hyundai Tucson Limited
2005 Hyundai Tucson LX
2007 Hyundai Tucson SE
2000 Isuzu Amigo S
1989 Isuzu I-Mark LS
1989 Isuzu I-Mark RS
1989 Isuzu I-Mark S
1989 Isuzu I-Mark XS
1996-1999 Isuzu Oasis LS
1996-1999 Isuzu Oasis S
2000 Isuzu Trooper Limited
2000 Isuzu Trooper LS
1999-2000 Isuzu Trooper S
2006 Jeep Liberty 65th Anniversary Edition
2005-2006 Jeep Liberty Limited
2005-2006 Jeep Liberty Renegade
2005 Jeep Liberty Rocky Mountain Edition
2005-2006 Jeep Liberty Sport
2001 Kia Sephia Base
2001 Kia Sephia LS
2002-2004 Kia Spectra Base
2004-2007 Kia Spectra EX
2001-2004 Kia Spectra GS
2001-2004 Kia Spectra GSX
2002-2004 Kia Spectra LS
2004-2005,2007 Kia Spectra LX
2005-2007 Kia Spectra SX
2005-2007 Kia Sportage EX
2005-2007 Kia Sportage LX
2002-2004 Land Rover Freelander HSE
2002-2003 Land Rover Freelander S
2002-2005 Land Rover Freelander SE
2003-2005 Land Rover Freelander SE3
1994-1997,2002-2003 Mazda B2300 Base
1994-1997,2001,2003 Mazda B2300 SE
2001 Mazda B2300 SX
1998-2001 Mazda B2500 SE
1998-2001 Mazda B2500 SX
1999 Mazda B2500 Troy Lee
1994-1996 Mazda B3000 Base
1994-1996,1998-2000 Mazda B3000 SE
1998,2000 Mazda B3000 SX
1999-2000 Mazda B3000 Troy Lee
1997 Mazda B4000 Base
1994-1996 Mazda B4000 LE
1994-2000 Mazda B4000 SE
2000 Mazda B4000 Troy Lee
2000-2001 Mazda MPV DX
2000-2001 Mazda MPV ES
2000-2001 Mazda MPV LX
1992-1994 Mazda Navajo DX
1991-1994 Mazda Navajo LX
2002-2003 Mazda Tribute DX
2002-2003 Mazda Tribute ES
2002-2003 Mazda Tribute LX
1977-1983 Nissan 200SX Base
1970-1973 Nissan 240Z Base
1975 Nissan 260Z 2+2
1975 Nissan 260Z Base
1975-1978 Nissan 280Z 2+2
1975-1978 Nissan 280Z Base
1979,1982-1983 Nissan 280ZX 2+2
1980-1981 Nissan 280ZX 2+2 GL
1982-1983 Nissan 280ZX 2+2 Turbo
1979-1983 Nissan 280ZX Base
1980-1981 Nissan 280ZX GL
1981 Nissan 280ZX GL Turbo
1982-1983 Nissan 280ZX Turbo
1978-1981 Nissan 510 Base
1970-1972 Nissan 521 Pickup Base
1975-1976 Nissan 610 Base
1972-1974 Nissan 620 Pickup Base
1975-1977 Nissan 710 Base
1980 Nissan 720 Base
1980 Nissan 720 Deluxe
1977-1980 Nissan 810 Base
1981 Nissan 810 DX
1982-1984 Nissan Maxima GL
1983 Nissan Pulsar NX Base
1983 Nissan Pulsar NX Turbo
2004-2007 Saturn Vue Base
2007 Saturn Vue Green Line
2004-2007 Saturn Vue Red Line
2002-2003 Suzuki Aerio GS
2004 Suzuki Aerio LX
2002-2004 Suzuki Aerio S
2002-2004 Suzuki Aerio SX
1995-2002 Suzuki Esteem GL
1995-2002 Suzuki Esteem GLX
1995-2002 Suzuki Esteem GLX Plus
2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara Base
2000-2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLS
2000-2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLS Plus
2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLS Plus SE
1999-2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLX
1999-2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLX Plus

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