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Turbo XS TBolt Clamps UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
T104-112 T-Bolt Clamp
For 4.0in Hose
Size 4.09-4.5in (104-112mm)
T55-61 T-Bolt Clamp
For 2.0in Hose
Size 2.16-2.4in (55-61mm)
T61-67 T-Bolt Clamp
For 2.25in Hose
Size 2.4-2.63in (61-67mm)
T67-73 T-Bolt Clamp
For 2.5in Hose
Size 2.63-2.87in (67-73mm)
T74-80 T-Bolt Clamp
For 2.75in Hose
Size 2.91-3.14in (74-80mm)
T80-87 T-Bolt Clamp
For 3.0in Hose
Size 3.14-3.42in (80-87mm)
T90-98 T-Bolt Clamp
For 3.5in Hose
Size 3.5-3.85in (90-98mm)

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Turbo XS TBolt Clamps

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