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Rotora Brake Pads - Axxis Ultimate

Brand: Rotora | Category: Brake Pads

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Product Description

The AXXIS Ultimate is the newest high performance street pad to be introduced into the North American market. AXXIS Ultimate pads feature a special Kevlar® and ceramic strengthened non-asbestos formula with a high co-efficient of friction and very high temperature fade resistance. Designed for extreme high performance street driving and hard braking applications, Ultimate pad users will benefit with extreme stopping power and high resistance to brake fade at high temperatures with a Maximum Operating Temperature (MOT) of 500 C degrees (932 F deg), and minimal co-efficient of friction loss throughout it’s entire operating temperature range.

Available for most import, domestic and European applications, all AXXIS Ultimate feature an integral anti-squeal shim for quiet high performance operation. Possessing a combination of cold stopping performance, high temperature fade resistance, anti-squeal shims, and wear sensors where applicable, Rotora chooses the AXXIS Ultimate as the perfect combination with Rotora’s slotted performance disc line.

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