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Edelbrock Fuel/Nitrous Solenoid UNIVERSAL

Brand: Edelbrock | Category: Nitrous Accessories


72051 Performer RPM Fuel Solenoid
400+ HP at 6 PSI w/ 1/4in NPT Inlet & 1/8in NPT Outlet
72001 Performer RPM Nitrous Solenoid
400+ HP w/ 1/4in NPT Inlet & 1/8in NPT Outlet
72052 Victor Pro inSmall Basein Fuel Solenoid
500+ HP at 6 PSI w/ 1/8in NPT Inlet & Outlet
72000 Performer Nitrous Solenoid
Up to 150 HP w/ 1/8in NPT Inlet & Outlet
72002 Victor Pro inBottom Exitin Nitrous Solenoid
500+ HP w/ 1/4in NPT Inlet & 1/8in NPT Outlet
72050 Performer Fuel Solenoid
Up to 175 HP at 6 PSI w/ 1/8in NPT Inlet & Outlet
72286 4-Solenoid Bracket
For 4500 Series Carbs
72289 2-Solenoid Bracket
For Square-Flange Carbs
72277 Holley HP Series Bracket Kit
72290 2-Solenoid Bracket
For Q-Jet Carbs
72287 4-Solenoid Bracket
For Square-Flange Carbs
72288 2-Solenoid Bracket
For 4500 Series Carbs
72294 Solenoid Adapter
For 2-Solenoid & 4-Solenoid Brackets
Required for Performer Solenoids when used w/ Part # 72286-90

Product Description

Designed for Edelbrock nitrous systems, these stainless steel solenoids have a very low amp draw. They feature a stainless steel base for corrosion resistance and tighter tolerances, a low current-consumption coil, a Teflon® plunger for reliability and longevity, and a powder-coated coil cover for durability and appearance. The Victor Pro nitrous solenoid is perfect for racers because the bottom outlet design restricts flow much less then a standard design solenoid. This feature, combined with a .115” internally drilled metering orifice, make this our highest flowing nitrous solenoid. The Victor Pro fuel solenoid features a shorter body with a smaller diameter stainless steel base for use where space is limited. An important note about Amp Draw: All ratings listed below are under a load condition (For example: 950 PSI nitrous and a minimum of 6 PSI fuel pressure). Please note that other manufacturers may list amp draw under a “no load” condition, which is not realistic.

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