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Edelbrock Air/Fuel Components UNIVERSAL


3587 MAP Sensor
3591 Replacement Oxygen Sensor
w/ 18mm Bung
Type Screw-In
Wire Number 3
3599 Idle Air Motor
For all Pro-Flo & most Pro-Flo 2 systems Throttle Bodies
36019 1 BAR MAP Sensor Replacement
For All Pro-Flo 2 & XT systems
6593 Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor
Bezel Color Black
Dial (Face Color) White
Size (in.) N/A
3588 Air Temp Sensor
3/8in-18 NPT thread
3589 Coolant Temp Sensor
36015 GM Stepper IAC Motor
For Edelbrock universal 4BBL & XT 90mm throttle bodies
91171 Wide Band Oxygen Sensor
Type Screw-In
Wire Number 2
91172 02 Sensor Weld-On Bung
91177 8 Channel Wide Band Amplifier Kit
Type Screw-In
Wire Number 2
3578 Air Temp Sensor Push-in, w/grommet
mounts in air cleaner baseplate
36017 PWM Idle Air Motor & Gasket (Hitachi)
For Edelbrock universal 4BBL & Ford XT systems
36018 Throttle Position Sensor
clockwise rotation)
For Pro-Flo throttle bodies
91170 2 Channel Wide Band Amplifier Kit
Type Screw-In
Wire Number 2
3532 Wide Band Air/Fuel Ratio Interface
Bezel Color NA
Dial (Face Color) Black
Size (in.) N/A
36013 Oxygen Sensor, Narrow Band
Replacement for All Pro-Flo 2 & XT Systems
Type Screw-In
Wire Number 4
36016 Pro-Tuner EFI RS485 Communications Cable
NOT for Pro-Flo Systems
36010 Oxygen Sensor
NTK Wideband
Type Screw-In
Wire Number OEM
3592 Pro-Flo EFI PCV Valve
36020 2 BAR MAP Sensor Replacement
For All Pro-Flo 2 & XT systems
3546 Pro-Flo 3 Fuel Sensor
Size 1/8in -27 NPT

Product Description

This Edelbrock Wide Band Air/Fuel Ratio interface unit will not only work with all current Edelbrock EFI systems, but with any aftermarket EFI system that can accept a 0-5 volt input for monitoring Air Fuel Ratios. Features two independent 0-5V analog outputs that are linearly scaled with 0V=10.0 AFR and 5V=20.0 AFR. Includes interface unit, sensor, weld-in bungs and all necessary wiring. Does not have internal data logging capability and only includes a single oxygen sensor. For data acquisition applications requiring two oxygen sensors, use Dual Channel Wide Band kit #91170.

  • Allows improved Closed Loop control of the current Pro-Flo EFI systems
  • Suitable for automotive, motorcycle, and other 4-Stroke engine applications
  • Highly accurate with less than +/- 0.10 AFR error over 10.3 – 19.5 AFR range
  • Easy free-air calibration procedure corrects for sensor aging effects
  • 0-5V analog AFR output for interface to EFI, Data or Dyno instrumentation
  • Wide supply voltage range from 11-18V allows operation from battery on small engines or race vehicles with out an alternator
  • Current draw is approx. 1 amp
  • Features compact 4” x 2” x 0.5” water-proof enclosure

This Wide Band Oxygen Sensor is a replacement sensor for our Wide Band Interface Kits. Sensor is complete with special Deutsch connector for direct replacement.

This extension cable measures 12 feet in length and is designed for extending the Edelbrock O2 Sensor #91171 to the Edelbrock Wide Band Sensor Harness. It is provided with the connector terminated on one end only, allowing for the cable length to be tailored to custom applications. It can then be terminated with the provided connector.

This Air/Fuel Monitor displays the actual air/fuel mixture in ratios from approximately 12 to 15:1. Use it to guide carburetor adjustment and jetting or to improve ignition spark advance curves. Not for use with leaded fuels or alcohol. Kit includes oxygen sensor, bung, harness, display unit and installation instructions.

This Weld-On Bung can be used with Edelbrock QwikData 2, Pro-Flo 2, Pro-Flo XT or any application requiring an Oxygen Sensor installed in the Exhaust system. It’s manufactured from steel stock and has 18 × 1.5mm internal threads.

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