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BD Diesel Turbo Blanket UNIVERSAL

Brand: BD Diesel | Category: Turbo Accessories
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1453521 Turbo Blanket
Incl. Grommets/Springs
For Use w/T3 S300 Wastegated Turbo
1453522 Turbo Blanket
Incl. Grommets/Springs
For Use w/T4 S300/S400 Turbos
1453523 Turbo Blanket
Incl. Grommets/Springs
For Use w/T4 S400/S500 Turbos

Product Description

Keep your cool with the BD Turbo Blanket, a “MUST HAVE” for your turbo set up!

  • Cooler engine compartment temperatures can result in higher density that results in more power
  • Reduces under hood temperature increasing life of hoses, harnesses and coolant bottle
  • Retains and normalizes internal turbine housing temperatures for lower spool times
  • Custom fit for Borg Warner T3 S300 Wastegated, T4 S300/S400 & T6 S400/S500
  • Also fits most similar size Garrett and Holset turbo applications
  • Comes with stainless steel springs and built in retaining clips for a seamless install
  • Stylized look with custom BD embroidery

Included in the S467/S471 and for the secondary turbo on all Dodge twin kits

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