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BD Diesel ProTect68 68RFE Pressure Kit

Brand: BD Diesel | Category: Transmission Electronics

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Product Description

BD’s ProTect 68 Trans Pressure Control kit adds 150% of the torque holding force to stock transmissions like no others can. Kit includes a newly designed valve body separator plate and a Pressure Control module that delivers up to 250 PSI clutch apply pressure providing 150% of the holding force above stock to prevent clutch slippage. All of this without modifying the transmission pump or removing the transmission.

The ProTect 68 Electronic Pressure Controller dynamically adjusts the hydraulic apply pressures based on turbo boost/ engine load. The module’s dynamic control ramps up the much larger sweep right up to 250 PSI mainline pressure as needed – dependent on engine load which creates turbocharger boost dynamically. This is not accomplished with any other aftermarket engine tuner.

Installation takes 2-to-3 hours to complete without having to do a full transmission relearn since no internal tolerances have changed. A “fresh” stock transmission will have the ability to handle up to 500hp. For higher power or demands, a complete BD 68RFE transmission with additional clutches and new designed components is recommended.

Also available from BD for the 68RFE transmission, Heavy Duty Trans Pan, Triple Torque Force Torque Converters and Build-It rebuild kits.

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