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Aeromotive Phantom In-Tank System UNIVERSAL

Brand: Aeromotive | Category: Fuel System


17169 Phantom In-Tank System
EFI Throttle Body
Phantom 200 & Installation Kit
18309 Phantom In-Tank System
Dual Phantom Stealth Fuel System
17254 Phantom In-Tank System
Carbureted Phantom 340 Kit
17166 Phantom In-Tank System
OEM Returnless Rail
Phantom 340 & Installation Kit
17167 Phantom In-Tank System
OEM Returnless Rail
Phantom 200 & Installation Kit
17168 Phantom In-Tank System
EFI Throttle Body
Phantom 340 & Installation Kit
17164 Phantom In-Tank System
Dual Rail EFI Return Kit
Phantom 340 Fuel Pump
17255 Phantom In-Tank System
Carbureted Phantom 200 Kit
18788 Phantom Extension kit
New Or Remanufactured New
12688 Strainer & Gasket Replacement
For Phantom Systems 18688 & 18689
Color Black, White, Silver
17165 Phantom In-Tank System
Dual Rail EFI Return Kit
Phantom 200 & Installation Kit
17170 Phantom In-Tank System
EFI Returnless
Phantom 340 & Installation Kit
17171 Phantom In-Tank System
EFI Returnless
Phantom 200 & Installation Kit
18201 Carbureted Phantom System
Line Pressure 15psi
18709 Dual Phantom Extension
10''-20' Depth
Fits 18309
18710 450 Phantom Extension
10'-20' Depth
Fits 18310
18329 EFI-Returnless Phantom In-Tank Pump
Size (LxWxH) 17in x 6in x 6in
18020 Phantom Check Valve
Small Basket
Fits 18688 and 18689
18021 Phantom Check Valve
Large Basket
Fits 18309 and 18310
18311 Universal Triple 450 Phantom Fuel Pump
18704 340 Series Phantom In-Tank Fuel Pump
18705 450 Series Phantom In-Tank Fuel Pump
18706 Phantom Saddlebag Jet Siphon

Product Description

The hottest trend in hot rods and muscle cars today is late model EFI engine swaps and aftermarket EFI systems. It’s no secret why either; you can make ridiculous power and do it more affordably than ever. What makes these conversions so affordable is the ample supply of parts and kits from the aftermarket. But until now, the fuel system has been a costly and time-consuming upgrade.

The Phantom solves all your problems by focusing on three main ideas. First being a sump. This innovative foam and rubber baffle creates a sump in your existing fuel tank, providing a constant fuel supply around your pump, even under heavy cornering. Second being a billet top hat, featuring three ORB-6 ports. With an adjustable bracket, the pump can be hung at optimal height for any gas tank. Lastly moving the electric pump into the gas tank. This allows the pump to stay quiet and cool, extending life and improving performance.

Block mount pumps aren’t an option on today’s engines. Carbureted pumps are not going to work with EFI and the tanks in these cars are not designed for EFI pumps. What do you do? Go to a fuel cell… Weld in a big sump on your tank… fabricate a custom tank? While all of these are options that will work, they can be very expensive, require a lot of work and may just not be what you want.

Well, Aeromotive has completely changed the game again with their newest addition to the Stealth Fuel System line-up. The Phantom Fuel System is a complete kit that gives you everything you need to install a fuel pump and baffle / basket into almost ANY fuel tank. It’s like putting the fuel system from a new Corvette into your muscle car or street rod. You can choose from two different pump options, an in-tank 340 Stealth Fuel Pump capable of up 800 hp EFI or a smaller Stealth 200 Fuel Pump capable of supporting up 550 hp EFI. Both options can handle serious power even at supercharged or tubrocharged EFI pressures. With the Phantom Systems you also get a black anodized hanger assembly and an internal baffle to control fuel slosh and keep the fuel pump submerged. The best part, this entire system is modular. It can be cut to height to fit almost any tank including your stock tank, even tanks as shallow as 6” deep.

Why is in-tank better?
Think about it. When is the last time you saw a vehicle come from the OE’s that had an externally mounted fuel pump? By putting the pump in the tank, you virtually eliminate hot fuel handling issues like cavitation and vapor lock because the pump is constantly submerged, taking advantage of a column height of fuel on the inlet of the pump. And, because of the innovative baffle or basket, you can control fuel slosh keeping fuel at the pickup point (the pump) at all times; even with low fuel levels and in extreme driving conditions.

Easy Install
Installation of the Phantom couldn’t be simpler. Simply cut your hole, measure, cut to height and install. It’s really that simple. No more welding sumps on your tank. No more fuel cells or expensive custom tanks. The Phantom Fuel System is designed to be truly universal and provide the user with a fool-proof fuel system. The concept is nothing new. An in-tank fuel pump, just like you would find in your newer late model cars. The difference, this one is designed for YOUR tank. Not only is the kit modular meaning it can fit multiple tanks, it can also be upgraded to support different power levels. The Phantom 200 (P/N 18689) can easily be upgraded to a 340 (P/N 18688) by simply swapping the pump in the kit allowing for easy and budget friendly upgrades in the future

What’s in the Box?

  • Black anodized hanger assembly featuring (3) ORB-06 Ports – Supply, Return, Vent
  • Fuel resistant foam baffle & rubber bladder
  • Fuel Pump (either 200 or 340) with a Universal high flow pre-pump filter
  • Billet Installation ring, C-Mounting Ring, thick foam gasket, and hardware.

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